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Welcome! This is my sports page. Please take time to answer all my poll's. Thanx! Also I added a sports section for those of you who like the Philadelphia teams. I got team stats and standings. I hope you like them. Thank you and please come back daily to see how your Philadelphia teams are doing.

All stats in my Philadelphia FanZone's are obtained legally from ESPN.Com.

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*~*~*My    Philadelphia    Eagles    PhanZone*~*~*

Philadelphia Eagles Season Standings

The Eagles have 4 Wins and 11 Loses.

Eagles Statistics

*~*~*Passing Yards*~*~*
Doug Pederson-1276
Donovan Mcnabb-769
Koy Detmer-181

*~*~*Rushing Yards*~*~*
Duce Staley-1221
Donovan Mcnabb-306
Eric Bieniemy-75

*~*~*Recieving Yards*~*~*
Torrance Small-557
Charles Johnson-414
Duce Staley-280

All stats in my Philadelphia PhanZone's are obtained legally from ESPN.Com and NFL.Com

*~*~*My    Philadelphia    Flyers    PhanZone*~*~*

Philadelphia Flyers Season Standings

The Philadelphia Flyers finished the season with 45-25-12-3 with 105 points and 253 goals scored.

Flyers Statistics

John Leclair-40
Mark Recchi-27
Eric Lindros-27
Simon Gagne-20
Daymond Langkow-17

Mark Recchi-62
Eric Dejardins-41
John Leclair-37
Eric Lindros-32
Daymond Langkow-31

Mark Recchi-89
John Leclair-77
Eric Lindros-59
Eric Dejardins-54
Daymond Langkow-48

All stats in my Philadelphia PhanZone's are obtained legally from ESPN.Com, and

*~*~*My    Philadelphia    Phillies    PhanZone*~*~*

The Phillies have 13 Wins and 21 Losses. They are in 5th place in the N.L. East division. 9 1/2 behind first.

Batting Stats

*~*~*Home Runs*~*~*

Scott Rolen-10
Ron Gant-5
Mike Lieberthal-4

*~*~*Runs Batted In (RBI's)*~*~*

Scott Rolen-24
Mike Liberthal-21
Bobby Abreu-16

Pitching Stats


Robert Person-42
Randy Wolf-36
Andy Ashby-28

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