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Hello, My name is Ryan, and I am a really big Phillies fan. So I made a page for all those Philly lovers out there. This page was made to provide viewers with news and up-to-date stats. I update this page every week. Thanx and enjoy my creation.

Phillies    Info    And    Schedule

->Phillies Season Closer: 10-01-00, 1:05pm vs. the Florida Marlins @ Florida. Time: 1:05
*Channel:TBA , All games on Talk Radio 1210 am WPHT radio.

Phillies    Newz

Curt Schilling, who won his 100th game with the Phillies on Thursday night, is waiting to be traded. "I know that Ed Wade is listening and teams are asking," Schilling said, referring to Philadelphia's general manager. "We've told Eddie that I want to sign an extension before the season starts next year. You're talking about money somewhere in between Brad Radke and Kevin Brown, and I don't see that here. I'd love for that to happen here. Is that realistic? I don't know." Wade said before the game that he would have to be overwhelmed to trade Schilling. "I always felt in past years that no matter how much he talked, it was nothing he would seriously consider," Schilling said. "I honestly believe he is this year. From what I hear, he'll have to be overwhelmed, but the potential is there."

Phillies    Statz

The Phillies have 41 Wins and 49 Losses this season. The Phillies are in 5th place in the N.L. East Division. The Phillies are 14 games behind first place.


~_~_Home Runs_~_~

Scott Rolen-17
Ron Gant-16
Mike Lieberthal-13

~_~_Runs Batted In_~_~

Mike Lieberthal-58
Scott Rolen-55
Bobby Abreu-43


Mike Lieberthal-28
Bobby Abreu-25
Scott Rolen-21


Bobby Abreu-6
Desi Relaford-3
Mickey Morandini-3

~_~_Batting Average_~_~

Bobby Abreu-.325
Scott Rolen-.304
Mike Lieberthal-.298

~_~_Stolen Bases_~_~

Doug Glanville-20
Bobby Abreu-13
Scott Rolen-4


~_~_Earned Run Average~_~_~

Robert Person-3.17
Randy Wolf-3.54
Curt Schilling-4.23


Randy Wolf-95
Robert Person-90
Curt Schilling-85


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