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Hello! My name is Ryan Snyder. I am 15 yrs old. I enjoy Internet Web Design/Development, listening to music (preferably heavy metal), Baseball, Basketball, Football, And N64. I live in Pa. If you have any questions about my page or anything you would like me to add to it please let me know by e-mailing me below! This page was made June 10, 1998. It is the best all-around page out there.

§Weekly Top 5 N64 Games§

1. Excite Bike 64
2. All-Star Baseball 2001
3. Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000
4. Pokémon Snap
5. Pokémon Stadium


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Click here to hear KoRn: Falling away from me
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Click here to hear KoRn: Faget
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Click here to hear SlipKnoT: Wait and Bleed
Click here to hear SlipKnoT: Eyeless
Click here to hear SlipKnoT: Surfacing
Click here to hear SlipKnoT: Spit it out
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Loco
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Bradley
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Big Truck
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Not Living
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Tyler's Song
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Shock the Monkey
Click here to hear Coal Chamber: Feed my Dreams
Click here to hear Staind: Mudshovel
Click here to hear Staind: Just Go
Click here to hear Godsmack: Moon Baby
Click here to hear Godsmack: Whatever
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If you have any music you would like posted here, then click here to e-mail me. There will be more music posted up soon.

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Home Run (HR) Leaders

Gary Sheffield-31
Barry Bonds-30
Mark McGwire-30
Ken Griffey-30
Carlos Delgado-29

Runs Batted In (RBI) Leaders

Edgar Martinez-87
Jeff Kent-85
Frank Thomas-83
Carlos Delgado-82
Bernie Williams-82

Stolen Base (SB) Leaders

Luis Castillo-38
Tom Goodwin-36
Eric Young-27
Quilvio Veras-25
Johnny Damon-25

Strikeout (K) Leaders

Randy Johnson-210
Pedro Martinez-150
Pedro Astacio-125
Ryan Dempster-125
Darryl Kile-119

Scott Rolen's Career HR count

Monthly N64 Review

This months review is for the game Excite Bike 64. The could have put a little more work into the graphics. Overall the game is awesome. You who do not have it get it. The game has great addictivness and you definetly get your money's worth.

Money's Worth-9

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